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 The RF Online thread

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PostSubject: The RF Online thread   The RF Online thread EmptyFri Apr 10, 2009 9:09 am

As I posted in the Console war thread, here's a basic review of RF Online from a 5 year player (International Closed beta was in Feb 2004)

It's a Korean Grindfest for the PvE. That really isn't where the meat is. The game itself is a PvP bonanza. Every 8 hours there is a PvP war for a big ol pile of ore, which coincidently contains key materials for making gear, upgrading gear, and upgrading my pants.

The level grind at first is smooth, 26-30 is a little harsh, then 31-37 is smooth, 38 to 40 harsh, 41-47 smooth, 48-50 is a *list line of explicit comments here*, then you have a quest to level beyond that point, and THEN is the cakewalk to the max level at the moment, 55.

PvP is as much gear-baised as it is skill-baised. A good player in crap gear will survive, a crap player in good gear will survive, a good player in good gear will wipe out the room in front of him with minimal trouble. The chipwar, the war that occurs every 8 hours for the ore in the mines, can be an epic battle, a casual win, or a butchery of everything you hold dear. (Those comments refer to the 5 PM, 1 AM, and 9AM EST time wars respectively.)

As you mentioned PSO, I'll Make the races a nice and easy comparison for you.

I play an Accretian, which is basically a CAST on RF. The Bellatos are basically the Humans, and Coras are Newtalians.

Race Strengths/Weaknesses -

Accretia - No magic, but you get a rocket launcher or flamethrower. In my mind, any mage can cast a fireball, but it's a bit harder to cast when your being shot in the face. Armor has 10% more def to compensate for lack of magic.

Bellato - Well rounded statwise, has an unlisted minor dodge boost for their edge. They have all element spells and Holy tree spells for buffs, as well as MAUs. Read MAUs as your own personal generic Mech from the Gundam series.

Cora - Cora get an overall damage boost (imagine that). They are also your main caster race, with a Dark Tree of spells that hit liek a truck. However, they are quite weak and you can cut through them like paper. They get summons for a race special, which levels up with them, and thus every cora could be, in reality, 2 high DPS sources.

Since there are 3 races in conflict, there is a triangle system in place with race specials. Basically, it goes like this.....

Launcher > MAU > Animus(Summon) > Launcher

Overall, RF is an enjoyable game if played with a gaming guild or friends. If you deside to look into it, I'd be glad to give you a hand. I personally play on Dahin Server, as an Accretian, but I have friends in all races if you decide to take a look at it.

It's a free to play game, and the website is www.playrf.com If you want to look into it, I'm MagnusMKI on the Dahin server.
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The RF Online thread
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