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 Video Game Reviews

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N.J Mario

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PostSubject: Video Game Reviews   Mon Apr 06, 2009 2:09 pm

SInce the economy is in the shit i haven't bought any new games recently well last new game i got was Resident Evil 5 i was Pretty Bangen. You play as Chris Redfield you remember Chris from the Original Resident Evil when Zombies Looked like Zombies. well if you played RE4 then you would know why whats up with the zombie situation in RE5. The story is Chris is sent to Africa to stop a Biochemical weapons deal from going down why? there former S.T.A.R.S dont exist any more it's now the B.S.S.A Almost the same thing only handled by the government not Umbrella. He's soon met by he's part though out the game Sheva Alomar who can be played by a friend or the AI either way she's going to be there. I haft to speak on part of the AI though and say it was very well done there were only a few moments were i got frustrated and said i need a real partner that's until I played with cough Cough Jess Cough cough. Deeper into the game you find out there is more then just a weapons deal gone wrong going on here, but Chris's History comes back to haunt him. I would say over all the games story was very well done and definitely the has replay value on the 360 for the gamers who want all the Achievements. I would go as far to say the graphics are the best i've seen on the 360. Now i cant speak for the PS3 version since i dont own it. ALL TOGETHER I GIVE THIS GAME A 9 OUT OF 10
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PostSubject: Re: Video Game Reviews   Tue Apr 07, 2009 10:05 am

Prinny - Can I really Be the Hero?
System - PsP
Rating - Depends on your gaming type

To be completely honest, as this game itself will tell you, it is meant for very traditional gamers. The creators of the Disgea series - Nippon Ichi Software - did a bit of research and found out roughly 65% of their cash was coming from older gamers who played Disgea for the humor and the dificulty of the endgame. As such, Prinny came to be.

Imagine starting a game and having it start you off with 1000 lives. That is correct, 1000 lives. However, unless your an old-school platformer (the tricks they play are as horribly mean as they can), those lives mean nothing. 1 hit, 1 life loss. Every stage has a boss. Every boss can 1-shot you. Every enemy can 1-shot you. Every hazard can 1-shot you. Sound like fun?

I, honestly, love it. It's hard as hell, it makes you think, and the better you get, the more the game insults you. Example - I managed to beat 6 stages in succession without dying on the harder difficulty (im a glutton for punishment) and I got an achivement for it with a discription of "That's good.... I guess."

Oldschool Platformer - 9/10. A gem among the new age games.

Newschool Platformer - 4/10. You will be frustrated over and over again. If your ok with that, look at Oldschool score.
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Video Game Reviews
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